Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Who We Are

Our Mission

Respecting and affirming life from the moment of conception, the Life House seeks to support the brave women who have made the decision to give their child life. We are committed to demonstrating and facilitating a life pointed toward Christ, self-sufficiency and loving parenting.  

Our Vision

We dream of creating and sustaining a community of Christian families through empowering, educating and preparing parents to foster Biblical values as a continuing standard for living.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

By providing safe housing, access to health care, compassionate counseling, life-skill classes, permanency planning and referrals to community programs

Our History

El Roi (the God who sees) Ministries has always been about providing hope for hurting people, no matter what the particular ministry has been over the years.  El Roi Ministries was started in 2000 to serve young adult women who had been victims of childhood sexual abuse.  The ministry founders, Wayne & Mary Ann Jones, believed there was no trauma in the past, no wound of the mind, emotions, heart or soul that was beyond the healing power of God.  Therefore, our purpose was to promote healing and wholeness to women with backgrounds of abuse or neglect.  We focused at times on abused women, then transitioning incarcerated men out of prison, ministering to refugees from Vietnam and assisting people with disabilities – the goal was always to provide help and hope and point people to Jesus. 

In 2012, El Roi purchased a 7-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 2 kitchen house in the heart of Rock Hill, SC which allowed up to 12 men per year the opportunity to receive 6 months of seamless integration back into society.  The Zacchaeus House was directed by Sandy & Vicki Perry, long time ministry volunteers with a heart to bring the Kingdom of God to broken and hurting people.  But then in August 2018 with the passing of Sandy Perry we began looking at our physical and financial resources and our available people with a passion for continuing ministry, and the one common desire is to provide a God centered, people focused maternity home for women who find themselves in difficult circumstances due to pregnancy.  So, beginning in April 2019, the Zacchaeus House became the Life House Maternity Home.